Dow Chemical corrosion inhibitors and system cleaners are available through Thermal Fluid Technologies in bulk, drums, and pails.

The typical add-rate for these products ranges between 1 and 5 v% based on their coolant analysis.

A Thermal Fluid Technologies representative will gladly review your Dow analysis and provide additional recommendations,if necessary. Likewise, your account representative is available to assist you should your glycol concentration no longer meet your desired freeze point.

This list contains the most common corrosion inhibitors used, as well as the system cleaner and degreaser. Please contact us if additional information is required.
NORKOOL SLH 231 Inhibitor Concentrate
NORKOOL SLH 234 Inhibitor Supplement
NORKOOL SLH 244 Reinhibitor
NORKOOL Industrial System Cleaner
NORKOOL Industrial System Degreaser
Ethylene glycol and water based product used to fortify the inhibitor content of a Norkool SLH coolant solution with a concentration of less than 40% by volume.
Ethylene glycol and water based product containing Nitrite and Tolyltriazole, used to mitigate cavitation corrosion of high speed engines or crevice corrosion.
Water based product formulated to inhibit closed water cooling systems that do not require freeze protection or systems using methanol/ethanol for freeze protection.
Water based chelant descaler used to remove corrosion and hard water scales from heat transfer equipment.
Water based cleaner/degreaser used to remove hydrocarbons fouling heat transfer system equipment.

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