Thermal Fluid Technologies offers a unique and comprehensive coolant testing program. Through regular coolant testing you can be assured that your heat transfer fluid is operating at peak efficiency, while optimizing corrosion protection.

Once the laboratory receives a glycol sample, the fluid is analyzed using advanced testing equipment to ensure that our customers receive fast, accurate, and reliable results.

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Our comprehensive fluid analysis provides the following data for each sample:

  • Glycol Type
  • Volume %
  • Freeze Point
  • pH – Reserve Alkalinity
  • Color – Clarity
  • Degradation Acids (organic acids/esters)
  • Degradation Products (iron, copper, zinc, etc.)
  • Scales Promoters (magnesium, calcium, etc.)
  • Contaminants (oil, silica, lead, arsenic, etc.)
  • Corrosives (chloride, sulfate, etc.)
  • Inhibitors Levels (proper concentration and balance)
  • Comments & Recommendations